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    Costa Rica Finca El Apóstol Drip Bags (8 Pack)

    Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Berry Jam & Oolong Tea.

    Country: Costa Rica
    Region: San Jerónimo
    Producer: Steven Mora
    Altitude: 1,400m above sea level
    Variety: Moka
    Processing: Natural

    A great alternative to instant coffee, and an easy way to up your coffee game. Japan is leading the way in home brewing alternatives and we're all onboard for better ways to bring great quality coffee to you.


    At Don Sabino they collect 100% mature coffee almost winey red grape as they call it here at Don Sabino. Coffee is then transported in bags to the Don Sabino micro-mill. Immediately upon receipt coffee is reviewed and measured during the day each delivery of 100% ripe winey coffee is unloaded and stored on African drying. Coffee is turned every half hour during the day, at 2 pm in the afternoon coffee is removed and rested with a special plastic or canvas to protect it from the night conditions. This prevents fermentation and assures that day by day all sugars are penetrated between the grain and causes all those sugars to be transformed into attributes with exotic profiles with clear flavours.