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    Bolivia, Las Alasitas Gesha

    Taking freshness to the next level, we decided to go one step further and developed our most sustainable packaging yet. We are putting the best high end coffees in this next level packaging.

    Our special launch gift to you: each Can will come with a free reusable silicone lid*. 

    Tasting Notes: Blood Orange, Raspberry & Vanilla

    Country: Bolivia
    Region: Bolinda, Caranavi
    Variety: Panama Gesha
    Process: Natural Lactic
    Altitude: 1,600-1,650 MASL
    Producers: Los Rodríguez Family


    Stitch is incredibly excited to present this very special gesha micro-lot courtesy of the Rodríguez Family of Las Alasitas, Bolivia. Grown at high elevation and in mild, stable temperatures, this coffee has matured slowly, allowing a greater concentration of sugars, leading to a sweeter final cup. When ripe, After being picked and weighed, the coffee cherries were carefully washed and then fermented with their husk (or ‘cascara’) under controlled temperature and pH conditions in the family’s brand new custom-built stainless steel tanks for 10 hours. This process allows for the development of lactic acid, resulting in a silky mouthfeel and creamy character in the flavour profile.The coffee was then gently washed and laid out to carefully dry on raised African beds, and turned every hour for a total of 175 hours until it reached 11.5% humidity.something truly remarkable.

    Expect to find a cup brimming with notes of Blood-orange, raspberry, and Vanilla with a creamy texture.
    These flavours combine to produce a delicate and aromatic cup that is intensely floral, silky and sweet, with a perfectly balanced brightness that adds a refreshing clarity to the cup. This fantastic coffee perfectly encapsulates everything that makes gesha so special. Outstanding.

    *Gift with purchase for limited time only. Silicone lids also sold separately, purchase once to reuse and reuse over and over again with all our Stitch Coffee coffee Cans. Your whole beans will remain fresh for longer once you seal your Can using our silicone lid. 

    All Stitch Coffee Cans are 100% recyclable (label inclusive).