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    Colombia, Alma Fatima Lot 2

    Tasting Notes: Lemongrass, Strawberry & Orange

    Country: Colombia
    Region: Quindío
    Varietal: Wush Wush
    Process: Honey
    Altitude: 1,750-1,800m above sea level
    Producer: Miguel Fajardo Mendoza



    This is the most exciting coffee we've ever released.

    Five years ago, we invested in a Kickstarter campaign run by Raw Material, an enterprise focused on improving Colombian coffee farming communities by constructing a community wet mill and replanting the farm Finca El Fénix. Raw Material planted various unique and experimental coffee varieties, showing local Colombian farmers the potential for a wider array of varietals in the country. Additionally, their community wet mill allows local farmers to process their coffee to a high level, giving them the chance to get the best value out of their lots. Traditionally, a lack of processing capacity meant many Colombian farmers could not process all their harvest before the fruit would spoil, forcing them to sell excess cherry to large corporations at unfair rates. Raw Material wanted to invest in the community to stop this and give farmers a fairer chance.

    As one of the original and largest backers of Raw Material's Kickstarter, we had a plot of 1,000 trees of the rare Wush Wush variety planted in the name of our choosing. We named our plot El Fatima in dedication to our founder Nawar's mother. The coffee on offer here is E Fatima's first harvest and results from years of work. We are so excited!

    A relatively unknown variety that hails from Ethiopia, Wush Wush can be considered a rarity. It is easily mistakable for its more established cousin, the Geisha variety. You can expect to find a cup brimming with lemongrass, strawberry, and orange notes. Vibrant and aromatic, with complex acidity and juicy, crisp body - we could not be happier with how Alma Fatima has turned out.

    No added sugar or preservatives.
    Price per can.