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    Bonston G680 Tea Brewer

    G680 500ml Bonston glass teapot with inner filter is great for brewing all varieties of tea and coffee.


    1. Clear glass teapot, heat resistant
    2. It's made of food-class materials, easy to use, quick brewing.
    3. Will not absorb odors, thus preserving the original taste of the tea or coffee
    4. Comes with filter; easy to take out and clean.
    5. Water Outlet Regulator to control the tea flavour according to your taste.

    How to use it?

    1. Put some tealeaves into the inner pot of the teacup.
    2. Add boiling water into the pot.
    3. Water-stop valve makes inner pot completely lead-proof.
    4. Lid the pot for a few minutes.
    5. Press the button on the cover and let tea be filtered and flow out into the outer pot.
    6. Separate leaves and liquor to avoid over-steeping.
    7. Remove the inner pot.
    8. Use the outer pot as serving pot.