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    Brazil, Fazenda California

    Tasting Notes: Stewed plum, Caramel & Toasted Almonds

    Country: Brazil
    Region: Chapada Diamantina
    Variety: Yellow and Red Catuaí
    Process: Pulped Natural
    Altitude: 1,360m above sea level
    Producer: Pedro Santana


    Located in the city of Jacarezinho, State of Paraná, Fazenda California is a 100 year old farm central to the history of coffee farming in one of Brazil’s foremost coffee producing states. Today, the farm is taking the heritage that is its birthright and blending it with a more modern and experimental approach to production aimed at sustainability, quality and relationships.

    Cold Soul natural processes were developed by Luis to give coffee grown at low altitude unique and unusual characteristics never experienced before from the region. The extreme brightness, prominent fruit characteristics and complexity of this coffee is due to its particular process where cherries are soaked overnight in cold water in the first stage of the fermentation process. The idea is that the cold water gives a condition of “controlled fermentation”, giving the coffee a more clean and sweet cup than a conventional natural. The coffee is then finished off with slow drying on African beds for 25-30 days, completing the complexity of the process.