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    Burundi, Kirasa

    Tasting Notes: Molasses, Orange & Red Apple.

    Country: Burundi
    Region: Muhuta, Busenga
    Variety: Bourbon
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 1,100m above sea level
    Producer: Emile Ndikumasabo


    Traditionally, coffee produced at Kirasa was washed, but this year Emile Ndikumasabo, the mill manager, decided to implement natural processing, with the aim of producing a beautifully syrupy coffee. The results speak for themselves—clean and delicate with rich body oozing with sweet molasses and floral fruity flavours.

    Kirasa is nestled in a beautiful spot by the Kirasa River, surrounded by high rolling hills. The mill was previously government owned, until it was purchased in 2012, with the aims of improving work conditions for the farmers and pursuing higher quality coffee. We think that this is a beautiful coffee to demonstrate just that.