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Cold Brew Kit

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Our Cold Brew kit, for those looking to brew big.

Cold Brew Kit includes;

  • Cold Brew Bag
  • 3x 70g Single Origin (pre-ground)

This brew kit was created to make brewing large batches of delicious coffee simple. If you're looking to create a big brew to last you the week, or enough brew to please the household, this kit is for you. We will be sending each kit with 210g of one of our single origins on offer, dosed in 70g bags and ground (ready to use). Refills available.


What you need:

70g ground single origin coffee
1 Litre cold water (filtered preferred)
Cold Brew Bag
Pitcher/Jug (1 Litre Capacity) 
Not included in Kit.

Step by Step:

  1. Place your Cold Brew Bag in your jug, careful fold the edges of the bag over the jug.
  2. Pour your 70g sachet of ground coffee into the bag.
  3. Lightly shake the jug to level the coffee grounds.
  4. Slowly pour all of the cold water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds. Pouring from the middle to the edges (and back) until all the coffee is saturated.
  5. Leave to brew for 12 hours.
  6. Remove the coffee bag from the jug.
Cold Brew Kit
Cold Brew Kit