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    Colombia, Finca Villa

    Tasting Notes: Candied Orange, Sugarcane & Floral 

    Country: Colombia
    Region: Tolima, Bilbao
    Variety: Geisha & Caturra
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 1,780m above sea level
    Producer: Willinton Guiterrez Collazos


    For four generations, the Guiterrez family have been producing coffee and passing on the tradition from generation to generation. Willinton developed a love for coffee at a young age, when he was first introduced to the coffee world by his father. Today, he continues his family legacy, producing coffee with his own family at Finca Villa. In 2014, he made the transition to producing specialty coffee in order to foster a more sustainable farm that he can pass on for generations to come.

    With sweet notes of sugarcane, balanced delicately by the bright acidity of candied orange, this natural beauty from the Tolima region is a prime example of Colombian coffee mastery. Expect a delightfully clean yet complex cup.