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Colombia, Franco Alexis Garzon

Tasting Notes: Lemon Balm, Winey & Manuka Honey

Country: Colombia
Department: Tolima
Municipality: Planadas
Association: Independent Producer
Altitude: 1,800m above sea level
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Honey
Harvest Schedule: 
• First semester - April-June
• Second semester - October - November

ABOUT THE BEAN: Altamira History

Coffee for Franco Alexis Garzón is not just a crop that he grows on his farm, it is a way of life.Coffee has allowed Franco Alexis and his family to improve the quality of their lives, andbecause of this Franco pays coffee back by taking very special care of his coffee trees and bymaking sure his farm infrastructure is in perfect condition. He was born in the countryside,and has always been surrounded by coffee as he comes from a coffee growing family. FrancoAlexis and his wife have dedicated themselves to growing coffee for 30 years and they haveseen the benefit of producing specialty coffee. Through their hard work they have producedgreat quality coffees and have received the extra income that comes with it. Over time,Franco has been able to improve his practices and contribute to the conservation of theenvironment, he intends on continuing this through learning and trial and error. He loves totry new experiments and explore new ways of producing specialty coffee. He is currentlytrying to grow new varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Typica, Tabi, etc.

Franco Alexis is a very passionate coffee grower, committed to the innovation andimprovement of his farm and coffee infrastructure. His family’s contribution on the farm hasbeen the key to Franco Alexis’ success. The work that his wife and sons do around the farm isessential for having great coffees. Finca Altamira is beautiful family business!