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    Colombian, Popayan DECAF Drip Bags (8 Pack)

    Tasting Notes: Buttery, Caramel & Milk Chocolate

    Country: Colombia
    Region: Popayan 
    Altitude: 1,500–1,900m above sea level
    Varieties: Caturra, Variedad Colombia & Castillo

    Enjoy the wonderful taste of specialty coffee—with no caffeine and no fuss! Whether you're sensitive to caffeine, or you've had one too many cups already but still crave that comforting taste of top notch coffee—we've got the answer for you.

    Our brand new decaf drip bags! Pioneered in Japan, drip bags are a great option for quick and easy coffee, but without compromising on any of the rich flavour and mouthfeel of your favourite specialty coffee. 

    What's more is that this bean has been through a unique decaffeination process in which sugar cane and water have been used to extract the caffeine. This enhances the sweetness of the bean and preserves its coffee qualities—delivering all the things that you love about a cozy cuppa, without any stress of overcaffeinating!