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Honduras, Finca El Pepenance

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Tasting Notes: Candied Orange, Apricot and Vanilla

Origin: Honduras
Region: Santa Barbara
Altitude: 1,250 MASL
Variety: Pacamara, Parainema
Processing: Fully washed and dry fermented for 24 hours
Drying Method: Dried on raised beds
Harvest: January - March
Producer: Jesus Sabillon Alfaro
Partner's Name: Marian Garcia Munoz


Jesus Sabillon is the third generation of coffee producers in his family, which is currently starting its fourth generation. His grandfather was a coffee producer many years ago followed by his father. Jesus is a coffee grower and his son is also starting to produce coffee on his very first farm. Since Jesus was ten years old, he remembers working with coffee, helping his father with tasks on the farm. When Jesus finally had his first farm, he planted it with Parainema, but he never thought that one day he could produce specialty coffee, he honestly never thought it would be an option. However, when he saw that the maturing of those cherries was very delayed compared to the other varietals, he thought that those Parainema might be special and different. Two years ago, Jesus’ son told him to take a sample of that coffee to Beneficio San Vicente, and so he did. In that first cupping, the coffee received a high cup quality, so that year they prepared their first specialty coffee lot.

Since then, Jesus has loved working with specialty coffee, he likes that is more delicate, that you need to do things well, with greater attention to detail, and all this because you depend on the quality to have good prices. Jesus’ son has become his right-hand man. He is the one that helps him with everything on the farm, he knows how to manage everything. Currently, Finca El Pepenance has no post-harvest infrastructure but they are currently in the process of building one.

Honduras, Finca El Pepenance
Honduras, Finca El Pepenance