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Colombia Geisha Drip Coffee Bags


Tasting Notes: Orange, Lavender & Cane Sugar

Country: Colombia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Farm: Finca La Esmeralda
Altitude: 1,800m above sea level
Variety: Geisha
Processing: Fully Washed
Producer: Alexander Hernandez
Partner: Leido Johana Vargas

Brew yourself quality coffee with minimal equipment with alternating single origins roasted by us at Stitch. You will receive a pack of 8 drip coffee bags featuring two different single origins selected by our roasters.

A great alternative to instant coffee, and an easy way to up your coffee game. Japan is leading the way in home brewing alternatives and we're all onboard for better ways to bring great quality coffee to you.

What's included in the Isshu-kan Coffee Drip Box;

  • 8x 12g Drip Coffee Bags
  • Brew Recipe Card


In December 2007, Alexander Hernandez travelled from Caquetá to Huila to celebrate Christmasfollowing the invitation from an old friend. While he was there, he discovered coffee for the firsttime.

His friend owned a coffee farm and after spending some time helping him out, Alexander foundthat coffee production was something that really interested him. Without meaning for it tohappen, Alexander stayed in Huila long after the Christmas period and never returned toCaquetá to live again. He purchased a piece of land, and without much, he started his new life asa produce coffee. It has taken some time for Alexander to arrive to where he is today. When hestarted producing coffee, he didn't have all the necessary coffee processing infrastructure, butover time he has worked hard and has understood that reinvesting back into his farm was apriority.

Today after a lot of persistence, Alexander has arrived at a point where the coffee he producescan be truly sustainable for him. He is Rainforest Alliance and C.A.F.E Practices certified and hasbeen working with our PECA team since 2016. Alexander is highly proactive with the advice ouragronomists give him, and this is undoubtedly why he has had so much success producingspecialty coffee.