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    Isshu-kan Rwanda, Andre Hakizimana

    Tasting Notes: Apple, Honey & Chamomile

    Country: Rwanda
    Region: Gakenke District, Northern Province
    Varietal: Red Bourbon
    Process: Fully Washed
    Altitude: 2,150m above sea level
    Producers: Andre Hakizimana and Anathal Mukagwiza

    About the bean

    At the age of 57, Andre Hakizimana has worked in coffee for 40 years. As well as running one of the largest and most celebrated coffee farms in Rwanda, he is also a founding member and former president of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative: a coffee farming co-op in Rwanda's Northern Province. Andre works 100% organically, using his livestock's manure to fertilise his coffee crop, and he has planted pumpkin and banana trees to reduce erosion and keep the soil healthy and moist. Andre's approach to farming and work at Dukunde Kawa shows his dedication to sustainable investment in his family's future, community, and the environment.
    Andre has become a standard-bearer for what Rwandan coffee can be.
    This exceptional coffee perfectly represents the care and passion that he puts into his craft. Expect a vibrant and juicy cup with apple, honey, and chamomile notes. This coffee is good, seriously good. It represents a coffee savant at the height of his powers. This is a very rare and special micro-lot from one of the finest coffee farmers in Rwanda. Get in quick! It won't be on our shelves for long.

    Brew yourself quality coffee with minimal equipment with alternating single origins roasted by us at Stitch. You will receive a pack of 10 or 20 drip coffee bags featuring two different single origins selected by our roasters: Rwanda, Andre Hakizimana Organic

    A great alternative to instant coffee, and an easy way to up your coffee game. These drip bags are leading the way in home brewing alternative s and we're all onboard for better ways to bring great quality coffee to you.

    What's included in the Isshu-kan Coffee Drip Box;

    • 5x OR 10x OR 20x Coffee Drip Bags (2x Isshu-Kan 10 Pack)

    A coffee drip bag for each day of the week;
    (One Week: Issu-kan (いっしゅうかん - ー週間)

    • Monday: Getsuyôbi (げつようび – 月曜日)
    • Tuesday: Kayôbi (かようび – 火曜日)
    • Wednesday: Suiyôbi (すいようび – 水曜日)
    • Thursday: Mokuyôbi (もくようび – 木曜日)
    • Friday: Kinyôbi (きんようび – 金曜日)
    • Saturday: Doyôbi (どようび – 土曜日)
    • Sunday: Nichiyôbi (にちようび – 日曜日)
    • Last One: Saigoni (さいごに - 最後に)