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    Panama Gesha Coffee Chocolate Bar (Vegan)

    In collaboration with South Pacific Cacao, we have married smallholder produced cacao from the South Pacific with smallholder produced Panama Kambera Gesha coffee to produce a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar. Our mission was craft the ultimate chocolate bar from truly high quality, ethically sourced products.

    This Panama Kambera Gesha 90+ is a rare coffee cultivated at extremes; naturally grown on a strip of land between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, and located near one of the largest volcanos in Panama. These are some of the highest elevations in the region producing coffee. The local rainfall, natural springs and underground wells provide incredibly clean water, a signature key growing element at Gesha Estate. All of these factors culminate to create a coffee that is distinctive of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, a coffee of its own calibre.

    Crafted using only high quality ingredients that do good. VEGAN FRIENDLY.
    Cacao nibs, organic coconut, organic raw sugar, organic cacao butter, coffee beans.

    55g (3 servings per bar)