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    Rwanda, Lake Kivu Cyato

    Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, brown sugar & grapefruit

    Country: Rwanda
    Province: Western Province
    District: Nyamasheke District
    Altitude: 1,750-2,100m above sea level
    Variety: Red bourbon
    Processing: Washed
    Producer: Tropic Coffee Company


    This is a 100% Red Bourbon lot from the high altitude regions around freshwater Lake Kivu in Rwanda. At elevations of up to 2100m above sea level, this growing region maintains year-round temperatures at approximately 22–25°C, producing sweeter, denser beans as the cool temperature is ideal for the slow ripening of coffee cherries. 

    As a result, this coffee offers a complex and unique cup profile—achieving a delicate balance of refined sweetness and juicy, grapefruit acidity—perfect for those who enjoy Kenyan coffee but yearn for a tad more sweetness. 

    Coffees from Rwanda’s West have been historically difficult to access, despite their potential for exceptional quality, so it’s rather exciting to have this bean on board with us for the coming weeks. Don’t miss out on this floral, fruity feast!