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    Rwanda Mbilima Peaberry Organic Drip Bags (8 Pack)

    Tasting Notes: Honey blossom, Cardamom & Mandarin

    Country: Rwanda
    Province: Northern Province
    District: Gakenke District 
    Variety: Red bourbon
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 2,020m above sea level
    Owner: Dukunde Kawa

    Enjoy this luxurious Rwandan coffee with the convenience of a drip bag. Drip bags, pioneered by Japan in the 90s, are a great alternative to instant coffee. However, unlike instant coffee, drip bags don't compromise on the the rich flavour and mouthfeel of your favourite specialty coffee, making it the perfect solution to your quick and easy on-the-go coffee needs!

    Extremely easy to brew, ready in 5 minutes and immaculate taste—what more could you want? 


    Small beans with big flavour!

    That’s what you can expect with this exquisite peaberry lot from Rwanda. Peaberry refers to a natural mutation in coffee cherries that makes them produce only one seed (or bean) rather than the usual two. As a result, the beans are smaller and denser, resulting in a more complex cup profile.

    Sophisticated and floral, with honey blossom and cardamom, this cooperative-grown micro-lot of coffee is yet another example of the exceptional calibre of coffee that Rwanda produces. If you enjoy a softer mouthfeel and fruity sweetness, this is the one to try.