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    Rwanda, Mbilima Peaberry Organic

    Tasting Notes: Honey blossom, Cardamom & Mandarin 

    Country: Rwanda
    Province: Northern Province
    District: Gakenke District
    Variety: Red bourbon
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 2,020m above sea level
    Producer: Dukunde Kawa 


    Small beans with big flavour!

    That’s what you can expect with this exquisite peaberry lot from Rwanda. Peaberry refers to a natural mutation in coffee cherries that makes them produce only one seed (or bean) rather than the usual two. As a result, the beans are smaller and denser, resulting in a more complex cup profile.

    Sophisticated and floral, with honey blossom and cardamom, this cooperative-grown micro-lot of coffee is yet another example of the exceptional calibre of coffee that Rwanda produces. If you enjoy a softer mouthfeel and fruity sweetness, this is the one to try.