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Honduras, Finca Mi Mundo

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Tasting Notes: Yellow Nectarine, Honey and Pineapple

Origin: Honduras
Region: Santa Barbara
Altitude: 1,350 MASL
Variety: Panairema
Processing: Fully washed and fermented in concrete tanks for 15 hours
Drying Method: Fully dried on covered raised beds
Harvest: December - March
Producer: Secundino Sabillón


Among the mountains that surround the largest lake in Honduras, Lake Yojoa, Finca Mi Mundo can be found. The farm is owned by Secundino Sabillón and the farm has incredibly beautiful landscape views of the lake. Secundino’s father owned various coffee farms and when Secundino was just seven years old, his father took him to the farms to pick the cherries. When he was 18 years old, Secundino’s father gave him one of his farms to manage. This was the first time that Secundino faced the real challenges of managing a farm by himself. In the year 2007, Secundino decided to purchase his very own piece of land. The first year of his harvest, he had no post-harvest infrastructure and no house on the farm. Today, he is proud to look back and see the huge progress and improvements that can be seen on the farm.

Secundino named his farm Mi Mundo, for two reasons. Firstly, the mountain in which the farm is located has a very special form and it almost looks like a globe. Secondly Secundino dreams of people from all over the world visiting his farm and learning about what he does. He started to grow specialty coffee because coffee is his only source of income, and he wanted to do things well and obtain recognition for his hard work. Today, Secundino has many projects and plans for his farm and he is motivated to continue improving his infrastructure to produce better coffee harvest after harvest.

Honduras, Finca Mi Mundo
Honduras, Finca Mi Mundo