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    Colombia, Finca Santuario

    Tasting Notes: Cherry, Orange & Black tea

    Country: Colombia
    Province: Cali, Cauca
    Altitude: 1,850-2,050m above sea level
    Variety: Yellow Bourbon
    Processing: Gold Washed
    Producer: Camilo Merizalde


    This coffee is a beautiful yellow bourbon variety, that has undergone a unique double fermentation process to extract maximum flavour. Fermentation in coffee processing is an increasingly utilised procedure to enhance flavour development and create a softer body and complex acidity.

    Taking the flavour profile even further is this particular bean's drying process. Dried for a period of 18 days in a controlled environment on raised beds under UV light and fans, these beans produce an intensity and consistency that is unparalleled amongst most Colombian coffees.

    Camilo Merizalde, who founded Finca Santuario, firmly believes in pursuing quality as a driver of profitability, rather than quantity. As a result, the majority of coffee varieties grown at Santuario are extraordinarily high quality but lower yield, more fragile and more demanding than most varieties widely grown in Colombia.However, the results speak for themselves, and we are very excited to be carrying this single origin at Stitch Coffee!Try it out and see for yourself today.