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    Hario V60 Buono Kettle with Temp Adjustment

    The Hario V60 Buono Temperature Adjustment Kettle has been specifically designed by Hario using the same great ergonomic design details that have been popular with their range of Buono Stovetop Kettles, with the added functionality of an electric kettle. Using the Temperature Adjustment Mode or Boil Mode, theV60 Buono Power Kettle heats your water to the desired temperature with a touch of a button and a flick of a switch.

    This clever kettle is simple to use and adjust, and it features a Keep Warm setting, which keeps your water at the desired temperature for up to 15 minutes. With it's easy-grip, angled handle and accurate spout, this kettle has been designed for coffee lovers who love the classic Hario design, with the simplicity of an electric kettle.

    The Boil Mode heats water until it boils, but does not switch to warm mode, while the Temperature Adjustment Mode will heat water to the desired set temperature(60 to 96 degrees Celsius), and then switches to warm mode to maintain the temperature for 15 minutes.

    - Two Heating Modes
    - Keep Warm Button
    - Power Button
    - Temperature Adjustment Button
    - Temperature Display Panel

    Dimensions: W300 x D190 x H185mm
    Practical Capacity: 800ml(max); 300ml(min)
    Power Source: 240V/50Hz
    Weight: 900g(approx.)
    Lid/Body: Stainless Steel
    Lid Handle/Handle/Power Supply Plate: Polypropylene

    Please allow 7-14 working days for any orders of the Hario v60 Buono Kettle.