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    Colombia, Popayan DECAF

    Tasting Notes : Buttery, caramel and milk chocolate.

    Origin: Colombia
    Region: Popayan
    Altitude: 1,500-1,900 MASL
    Varieties: Caturra, Variedad Colombia & Castillo


    This coffee is produced by selected farms in Popayan region. Coffee is brought from growers in dry parchment, it is alter milled at Popayan and transported to Caldas to be decaffeinated. This is significant as many coffees would undergo the decaffeination process in various countries overseas, however, the Popayan can be decaffeinated at origin.

    This decaffeination process is unique, the caffeine is extracted from the bean using sugar cane and water which enhances sweetness, while maintaining coffee attributes. This technique was developed in Colombia.