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    was born of an idea that coffee doesn’t need to be a standalone - it can be mixed together. We realised at an early stage that the art of blending coffee is the same as tailoring a piece of cloth. As a result, we stitched together origins with different flavours to bring forward the ultimate cup characteristics for everyone to enjoy.

    As we were evolving we came to realise that we need to stitch up the system that we’re in. And that the only way to do that is by revolutionising what we do through radical change. So we made a promise - we will show everything from price point to final product. Transparency is the future of coffee.

    Today we are a company heavily focused on ethically sourced coffee from around the world and ensure that we have the ability to communicate this with our community. We have aligned ourselves with companies of similar values to ensure that this transparency translates through all channels. Because one bag from a farm doesn’t mean that the farmer is supported. But a whole harvest from a farm will be far more beneficial than a single micro-lot of coffee. Continuous ethical buying practises and promoting relationships with farmers will ensure a healthy future for coffee.

    So let’s put it simply, Stitch coffee is a société based on the principle of stewardship.

    “Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.”