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    100% Compostable Capsule

    Next generation Nespresso compatible coffee capsule is an Australian first. Our newly developed High Oxygen Barrier, 100% certified compostable capsule has been made possible due to a combination of exclusive patented technology made from renewable resources.

    We use Australia’s first certified compostable capsule technology.

    Our capsule is the first and only Nespresso Compatible capsule on the market to be awarded the AS 4736-2006 certification which ensures all the constituents and components of the finished capsule (Capsule + coffee + lids + adhesive) are certified compostable to the Australian standard.

    This standard is the most widely accepted by commercial composting facilities.

    Key Points:

    • Oxygen barrier for optimum freshness
    • Compatible with all Nespresso original coffee machines
    • Australia’s only AS 4736 certified Nespresso Compatible Capsule
    • Meets strict Australian industrial compostability standards - AS 4736 2006
    • Capsule + lid + coffee all compostable as finished product(in industrial composting environments)
    • Aluminum free, GMO free, BPA free
    • Australia made and roasted
    • Made from bio-based materials and renewable resources
    • Nitrogen flushed capsules for optimum freshness